My journey to long healthy hair.

Diary of all I do and length progress.

August 15th, 2014
19 Inch / 48cm long.
It's growing well but does get thinner and with more split ends as it gets longer. I do have a lot of short hairs in the unbleached part though and I guess it is new growth, so that's good. Does not look very good at the moment though, until more untouched hair grows. As for the ends, well they have been bleached so I guess I can't really expect them to be really healthy. I like the bleached color better but I've tried and seen I have to chose between long hair and bleached hair.


Did cassia to make my hair stronger, left for about 4 or 5 hours. The lighting in my home is still so bad, so can't tell so well, but my hair did look really awesome! ;)

photo 4

And a few days ago my hair was 18.5inch/47cm long, but then I had it trimmed and now it is 17,6Inch/45cm long.


Straight hair with some fading pink color.
17.5 Inches / 45cm
It grows well in spring! :)

Hair Mask

Hair mask: mixed an avocado with garlic in powder (said to activate hair growth) and normally I add mayonnaise to this but didn't have any. Found some french dressing and it has similar ingredients to mayonnaise so I used this.
Massages the scalp with it and put it all over my hair and left on for about an hours and a half or 2.
Then I washed with a natural sulfate free baby shampoo.



Just did a self trimming yesterday at the full moon.

It is now 44 cm / 17.3 inches.

I hate those roots though. But maybe it looks worse in the fake light and on picture than it does in real life, cause I don't see this in the mirror.
And i did not continue the water only washes. I cant have gross hair for six months now. Back to conditioner only washing.



47cm / 18 inches and a half.
It is growing!
I just see on this picture from the back that the roots look terrible, it doesnt look so bad seen from the front. Lol.
Havent died my hair since, i cant remember exactly, but at least september. I guess it was a good break for my hair and I wanted to go natural, but I dont know if I still want to, i liked this color.


Day 3 of only brushing with my BBB

Day 3 of only brushing with my BBB.
Yesterday, my hair still looked fine. Today it started looking greasy. I will put some coco nut oil on the ends before sleep and leave overnight because they seem to need it. Will do a water only wash tomorrow.


No poo

Haven't updated in a while. Will try to do it more often again. And post a pic and measures asap.
Decided to try no poo another time. Did a clarifying shampoo today to get rid of all silicones that must have been in my hair. Have been CO for about a year now.
So new no poo journey starts today.


Trim and update
Got my hair trimmed at the hairdresser school's salon again. Was happy with the work this time again.

My hair is now 17 Inch / 43 cm long.


Went to the hairdressing school to get my ends trimmed, and i'm really happy with their work! Felt better than most of already professional hairdresser's work.

My hair is now 15.7inches/40cm long.

It looks messy on the picture because i just had and left with my hair wet.


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